Cutting it through these times – how stylists are dealing with the global pandemic

We all like looking and feeling great, right? It is good for the soul and the body, and my job has always been to help people feel the best version of themselves. But if I cannot currently physically help you all, I thought I would tell you how stylists are dealing with the global pandemic. 

Coronavirus is most likely the first and only time we will all experience such a life change and we are having to find coping mechanisms with each new announcement or change to our routine. 

This is how stylists are dealing with the global pandemic. 

I have loved the extra family time. BUT I miss all my clients, brides, bridesmaids, and fellow stylists so much (and boys don’t want to chat about what hair products Megan Markle uses, or look through wedding mags.) My job enables me to be a social butterfly, and I am missing fluttering those wings.

I have been keeping busy with work though, catching up with those blushing brides who are postponing their 2020 wedding. Do not worry if you are in this position – I will give priority to any bridal parties who are delaying until 2021 and beyond. And there’s room for many more who were always planning to tie the knot next year. Have a look at my wedding gallery. 

Maybe all you delayed brides could use this time to check out some more ideas for which hairstyle you’d like for your big day, (Pinterest is great) or maybe it’ll give you time to grow your hair a bit longer ready for your big day? 

Head Turners | professional hair and makeup

The great thing is, I have more time to reply to emails and queries sooner, perfect some of those popular party and pamper styles on my practice heads, and order new make-up and brushes. 

Martine is perfecting styles on her practice head | how stylists are dealing with the pandemic

Speaking to colleagues, I know this is how stylists are dealing with the global pandemic – there’s other ways we can get ahead of the game too and plan for you all. 

Planning to make-up for lost time

When I can start visiting and beautifying you all again – hopefully in July or soon after – I will have my specially made PPE with me. There’s no way I can do my job without contact, so there will be equipment to put everyone’s mind at rest. 

There are updated qualifications stylists can take, to ensure excellent hygiene (I mean, hygiene is always important). I will be doing extra cleaning of make-up and hairbrushes, and as always, I will use new sponges for each client. I will disinfect products and tools daily. Regularly sanitising hands will remain routine too.

There are also special tools for scraping off lipstick for example, so that it prevents as many lovely lip particles passing from one beautiful lady to another one: as good as using a different lippy!

Other suggestions for us make-up and hair artists, is to only take card payments and bank transfer, and take our own flask to appointments – so we can still share a cuppa and gossip with you.  

In the meantime….

I mentioned I have been busy planning for the future. One highlight has been learning new hair styles and practising some old ones. 

I feel the need to get glammed up myself sometimes and reckon many of you will be wanting to also.

I am feeling the need for a glamorous six-person garden party – best outfit, red lippy and some curls – to drink a cocktail, with my feet in the paddling pool.


Whether you were excited about a pamper party, wedding, night out with the gals, or just getting your nails done, we all need that fuss made of us, occasionally don’t we? 

Glammed up garden party | how stylists are dealing with garden party

As most of you will not have practice heads to play hair and make-up with, how about watching some make-up tutorials on YouTube and learning new ways to contour? Or there’s many people adding DIY hairstyles on Instagram. Check out my first pictorial on Instagram

We don’t often have time to learn how to do a posh plait, or wild waves ourselves, so now could be the time. Whilst I do not encourage dramatic home haircuts you can follow a basic guide to chopping that fringe out of your eyes. 

Style it out

If you’re having a clear out, dig around for your old crimpers, and crank up the eighty’s tunes, or grab some glitter that has been hidden from the kids, and pretend you’re going to a festival. 

Head Turners | Golden look | Creative gallery

Getting your face on and doing your hair for a Zoom call, or a date night at home, is also good for the soul. 

So, now you know how stylists are dealing with the global pandemic – and how we are planning. Amongst all of this, I will ask you all to take care. 

Head Turners will be back to make you all feel and look good as soon as we can. 

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