Why I think the veil is still an important part of a wedding

So, you’ve said yes to the dress – and it looks a beaut. But what about your head attire? If you’re undecided, this blog is about why I think the veil is still an important part of a wedding.

Unveiling many looks

I decided to start selling my bespoke wedding veils and hair accessories after years of adding those hairpieces to the blushing bride, and becoming a bit of an expert in what styles will suit which veil. I also get to see all the fab different veils and accessories that my clients wear (and believe me – there are soooo many) and feel I have some knowledge in what is out there.

Martine Turner adding the veil to bride | Head Turners

The veil is not for everyone of course, some people’s dresses are enough, and they just need a simple head choice. Or you may want to show off your lovely long locks to their full potential. Or of course, the veil just may not be your style.

Where did the veil come from?

If you look at tradition, there are a few different reasons why brides started wearing veils. They are first known to be worn in the Roman times, and the superstitious race thought it would ward off demons (or perhaps those pestering exes)?

These beautiful, elegant thin veils are also meant to symoblise starting anew, and when lifted at the altar, the bride is ‘unveiled’ (boom, boom) to her husband, ready for their life together.

For the modern day bride, these traditions can still stand. Weddings are all about symbolising – the coming together of two people, the celebration of love.

And remember, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel like an absolute princess!

So, here’s my reasons why I think the veil is still important at a wedding.

  • It’s iconic – Just as the Eiffel Tower is an icon of France, or ‘The Rachel Look’ is an iconic hairstyle for Jennifer Aniston – it could be argued the veil defines the iconic bridal look. I find most brides want to give a nod to tradition on their special day, and have dreamt about what they want since they were young – and for those majority – that still includes a veil.

  • It can complement your look (and figure) – This is ACTUAL FACT – a wedding veil can stretch out your already beautiful torso, balance out the dress, and further flatter that stunning silhouette. So it can make you look even more scrummy on your day (that hubby-to-be will be totally knocked out.)

  • It makes for stunning photos – We’ve all seen photos of veils fabulously flowing freely in the gentle breeze right? The veil is still important at a wedding as they can capture magical moments and top off that photo album that you will look back on for the rest of your lives. Pinterest is a great place for inspirational wedding photos.

Bride flowing secret garden veil | Head Turners shop

  • If you have a simple dress or look – it can add that va va voom – A simple but elegant dress or hair style can be topped off and paired nicely with a finely detailed extravagant veil. Imagine walking down that altar and everyone gasping at that stunning veil trailing behind you, or adding sparkle to the back of your dress. Magnificent right?

  • Something to pass on to children, friends, grandchildren – Ok, so a dress is very unique. It is often designed to fit, and everyone has a different figure. Wedding gowns often date a lot sooner than veils. So, placed in a special box, and kept for future generations is a wonderful idea for your wedding veil. Also it’s totally acceptable to do the housework or dance around the living room on a dreary Monday morning with your veil on, adding glamour and happiness to any day!

Are you convinced yet?

Check out my range of veils here or get in touch if you have any other questions.

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